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Telehealth 201: Making it Work in Chiropractic Practice

Join us as we address these questions and more:
1. Am I allowed to perform telehealth services?  Understand your state law and health plan benefits.
2. What services can be provided? Develop your telehealth services within coding requirements.
3. How does it work? Step by Step of Compliant Protocols & Workflow Scenarios.
4. How do I properly code & bill for telehealth services?
5. How do I properly document a telehealth visit?
6. How do I protect myself and my practice?
7. Tips for Reimbursement

Wednesday, April 8th 12:00PM CDT

Telehealth 101: Implementing Telehealth for Chiropractic

This course will address the following as it relates to implementing telehealth for chiropractic:

  • State Law Requirements

  • Informed Consent

  • Licensure

  • Follow HIPAA Guidelines

  • Malpractice/Risk Management

  • Reimbursement

  • Performing, documenting, coding for the Telehealth visit

COVID-19 Response Implementhing Telehealth for Chiropractic

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