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Deploying Chiropractic Care and Telehealth to Patients

during the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

Deploying Chiropractic Care and Telehealth to Patients during the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis


Chiropractic's Goal during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Reduce the number of visits to local medical providers and emergency departments of local hospitals for emergent neuromusculoskeletal complaints to allow for greater access of the critically ill to our valued medical colleagues during this COVID-19 public health emergency.


Chiropractic clinicians are caregivers and, in most states, have been consistently deemed as an “essential service” to the public during this COVID-19 public health crisis.  


With this in mind, the Doctor of Chiropractic’s public health mission, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, is to continue to identify and manage emergent neuromusculoskeletal complaints and participate as a health care provider by sharing the public health responsibility of slowing the transmission of COVID-19. This responsibility includes following public health authority (i.e. CDC, WHO, local, state, national agencies) guidelines and directives in screening, reporting, and educating their patients about COVID-19.

The purpose of identifying emergent neuromusculoskeletal complaints during the COVID-19 Pandemic is to triage patient care for pain and conditions in an effort to divert them from medical clinics and the emergency department of local community hospitals.


Download this whitepaper to understand how we as chiropractors may accomplish this goal for our patients, our communities, and our nation at this time of crisis.